Monday, May 12, 2008

Folding, Folding, Never Stopping!

Oh my goodness, I am addicted! With my beloved Heather's wedding coming up in just over a month, I have shifted into high gear folding as many paper cranes as I can. And let me tell you, I never thought it would be so much fun/work! I was hoping to have at least a hundred done and I think I'm on about fifty.

paper cranes.jpg

There is nothing like drinking coffee in the morning and making perfect, okay, pretty good, creases in rice paper. I had to force myself take a break to shower. I just kept thinking, just one more, just one more.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introducing the Rocket!

So the bees have been going through some changes lately. You probably know that little Heather has been crazy busy lately. She's got chickens and a garden and her wedding is in just a few weeks! I can hardly wait. I've been shopping like mad for her dress. I can find one out there, I just know it. She has threatened to get something at Anthropologie if I don't come up with something soon. Well, she can't be serious, but best not to tempt her.

Anyways, I am now in charge of the blog as well as all the gazillion things Heather used to do before her brood of chicks took over her life and let me tell you, she did a lot. She is sorely missed around here at Beesknees HQ. On the bright side, she has promised to send me all manner of fruit and vegetable provisions once this garden of hers is harvested. I hope she planted enough melons. I wonder how you ship a melon? Bubble wrap...

The Bees West Coast news is that I FINALLY got myself a sewing machine. I've been coveting those fancy-shmancy new ones with the digital menus and all that for years but could not let myself part with those big bucks. Plus, I grew up using my mom's old Singer. She got hers for high school graduation and held onto it up until just a couple years ago when she traded it in so she could start quilting. I wanted a sewing machine without a bunch of plastic and what I got was the ROCKET! It's a 1961 Singer Rocketeer and it's just lovely. I found it on craigslist. It had been donated to one of my favorite thrift stores and the lady who was in charge, Sally, oiled it all up and it's pretty much better then new. See for yourself...