Friday, February 20, 2009

My Thorny Past.

I was just ten years old, in fourth grade and quite ill with chicken pox when The Thorn Birds mini series was on TV for the first time. I remember it well because my sister, who gave me those dang pox, was completely fine, eating my mom's homemade cookies, drinking SQUIRT (it's practically ginger ale) and staying up late watching TV with my parents. I, on the other hand, was sick as a dog. It was terribly unfair and well, the story of my life. When I get sick, I get really sick. Luckily, it's rare.

So anyways, I was at the Oakland Library with Alvaro this last weekend when I spotted it! On video-tape! And we since we still have a VCR, I snatched it right up.

It's almost as good as I remembered it to be. You get to see a young and exceedingly handsome Richard Chamberlain in his birthday suit (from the side, of course. Very modest, those priests) and the ladies clothes are pretty good.

Lord help me, it's 4 tapes long!