Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Etsy Bees and more.

It's June, it's June, it's June! I love summer. And boy, is it starting to get hot. As much as I like to complain about heat, it also rings in the season of BACON, LETTUCE and TOMATO sandwiches. You simply cannot have a proper BLT until the heirloom tomatoes hit the farmers' market. I'm praying it will be soon and I'll be stocking up on bacon today. annex on has opened and it is crazy fun! At first I figured it would be a great place to show off my collections of vintage handmade goodies and guys' stuff since I don't have any listed on this site. But before long, I found myself going all out and putting up everything. A little sampling:



The shop on etsy is called, of course, thebeeskneesvintage And I'm adding more vintage delights daily.

In other news, we leave for little Heather's wedding in exactly a week! I can't believe how dang fast this year is going. I know you always hear that time starts to fly by as you get older but jeez...

I can't wait to see Heather and B. She's gonna be the best bride ever. I'm packing up my emergency wedding kit even as we speak. Let's see... we'll need: 1 bottle of sparklie rose (aka: the boogie) from Kermit Lynch, loads of chocolate cookies (little Heather likes her chocolate chip orange Newmans cookies), sewing kit, extra lip gloss, powder for her cute little nose... Let me know if I'm forgetting anything. I just want to make sure she eats!

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