Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moo Came Through.

I finally got my business cards in the mail yesterday from Moo and they are so little and cute. AV already snatched up two so that means I just have 98 more to give out.

Who wants one?


queenbeehoney said...

Oh Oh Oh. I just want one tiny little one, something with you on it!

saudade said...

Me me!

Michelle said...

Oh, you are too cute! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I was really impressed with both of your websites...very nice ;-) I, too, will continue to wear my wiggle dresses to no end.

I've made some decisions for the direction of my shop...and quite frankly, I am just selling my inventory so I don't have to see it again! I accumulated a lot of stuff that was selling good at the flea markets...and I'm not doing so much of that anymore. I really do like Etsy as a venue and am confident I can stick with what I like selling (i.e. the plum dress).

Did the ad boost your sales? That was my first time trying it...unfortunately I had no sales, but a few new hearts (and a new friend!)