Monday, November 23, 2009

Argentina. Art and Sandwiches.

We just got back from a month of traveling around Argentina. I have never kissed so many cheeks. There was amazing graffiti everywhere. It's like it's legal or somethin'.

But oh my gosh, I also have to tell you about a food we had practically every other day -- The Lomito Sandwich.

Of course you've never heard of it! It's so crazy and delicious. List of the ingredients, lest you want to attempt this at home...

. Beef (thin and kind of chicken fried)
. Ham
. Cheese (melted onto the ham, of course)
. Fried egg (sunny side up)
. Tomato
. Mayonnaise

You can see why this would almost bring tears to Alvaro's eyes. It's a lovely combination.


saudade said...

Holy smokes, that sounds good!

Argentinian BBQ is so much work. Can Alvaro just make these next time you guys have a get-together?

fravina said...

and i know how miss rachel loves her sammies! this one sounds pretty good...

Kristina said...

I was here :)