Friday, September 19, 2008

New Chair, New Hair, Plane Fare.

Ahh, what a great week! First, we found my new computer chair this weekend at the weirdest ever estate sale (old warehouse, semi-mildew stinky, VERY talkative gentleman). Its not only stylish, its also AMAZINGLY comfy. And I love the mid-century simplicity of wood and iron. Makes me very happy indeed.

And I got my hair cut, at last! I've been complaining for two weeks. I canceled my appointment with Alvaro (yes, I have to make appointments with him, he's THAT busy!) for taking pictures of all the new stuff after I got up, looked in the mirror at my head and wanted to cry. I always wait a month longer then I should when it comes to hairstyle maintenance. Sheesh.

But here it it, my new haircut so you can see if before it grows out. I've had this exact same one, well, a gazillion times since second grade when my ponies first got cut off. It seems to work especially well for super straight, fine, thick hair so I keep going back to it whenever I get sick of trying to grow my hair long (which never works and continues to make me mad). Best of all, it was practically free! Lisa was visiting from L.A. and agreed to gimme a new look for a few sparklie things, like rhinestone brooches and such. What a splendid deal.

And finally, I got tickets for our trip to North Carolina to visit Heather and Ben! Now I can take down all the post-its I stuck all over the house to remind me. Woo hoo, New Years in Durhamn NC!


Heather said...

Hot damn in Durhamn [sic]! The entire state of North Carolina is swooning in anticipation.

Your hair is so cute! Even cuter than your cute chair.

Can't wait to see you sitting in our house, love you to bits,


queenbeehoney said...

Oh yes! You're absolutely adorable! I wish I had a photo book of the last ten years with pics of you and Heats in every single hairstyle. Can you imagine how many pages there would be?

I have the same annoying straight thick fine hair that you do, only in a different color. Actually, these days in a different non-color. And I get regularly frustrated that growing mine out never works either. I have such high hopes every time, but it always turns out to be Too Much Work to make it look halfway stylish. Whaaaaaa. There's always that day when you wake up and look in the mirror and have to face the truth that either the love affair is over or you're going to have to consider having your hair rolled and etched in acid.

Yesterday I returned from Babyland with new baby Ella Madeline, and vintage needles awaited me in my mailbox. They are perfect and thank you so very much. I will get to work on that mending RIGHT AWAY. The needle packaging took me right back to the fifties!

Love your chair, it does look comfy! xoxoxo