Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Story of Stuff.

My friend, Rachel Cole, known to some as little Rachel (yes, that makes me "BIG Rachel"), sent me a link to this site last night and I was so impressed, I thought I would share it with everyone I know. And that means you, the three friends that read this blog. Yay for you!

It totally supports my mission to buy all, okay most, things used or handmade and to keep using outdated gadgets as long as they still work. I had my first mobile phone for 5 years, much to the chagrin of many of the folks in my address book. Sorry.

And buying vintage clothes? We are soooo ahead of the game.

Now I realize that not everybody wants to spend an entire day going to garage sales looking for a dish drainer or a laundry basket, but here's what I can do. Send me an email with a list of stuff you need and I will find it for you. I'm serious.

Do you need a tea kettle or a bathroom scale or a flower pot? Imagine having a super cute little vintage Bauer pot instead of a new plastic one.
Give me a week to hunt it down and you will never have to step into Target again. Except for toilet paper. I don't think I want to thrift that.

There is one small wrinkle in this plan, you should probably be in the bay area. It would be silly to send something like a trash can through the mail.

Alright, send me those lists so I can get to work!


NKRobbins said...

There is a wonderful profile of Annie Leonard, Story of Stuff creator, in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue of Women's Adventure Magazine. Check it out.

queenbeehoney said...

Oh, oh, oh! I need a complete business wardrobe for someone with no boobs and big hips. Plus some hand sewing needles and some straw hats with big flowers on them! Oh wait, I already have two of those! Sent to me by the hat angel of Oakland. I just realized that I don't have your address. It's a crisis. And my cookie jar is still empty. I need cookies too. And a visit from a pack of starlings. How are you and AV sleeping on your new mattress? Did it all work out to be heaven?

Two Tall Girls said...

Wow! Thanks for posting that information, it needs to be shared.

A Beautiful Mind said...

Thank you for your visit to and comment on my Brainy and Beautiful blog. Thanks for the compliments on my wedding photos. Congrats on your marriage. I love hearing that others are enjoying being married as much as my husband an I.
Oh how I wish I lived in the bay area and could take advantage of your keen vintage eye. Alas, I am in Massachusetts feeling the autumn winds breeze in.
Thanks again!

rachel said...

queenbee, first item is on it's way! now if I can just get AV to start baking those cookies. he's much better at flan but let's face it, it's mighty hard to mail pudding.