Thursday, October 23, 2008

Etsy Update. Newish Computer. Secret. Hint.

Hello, hello! How are you?

We are in the midst of an amazing indian summer. I'm not even going to tell you how sunny and warm it is since it might just make you (hi heather and bee!) sad. On second thought, it might get your little bottoms out for a visit. You should see how lovely it is here! Maybe we could do a trade. As gorgeous as it is, I keep looking out the windows for fall.

But I have a ton of other things to be excited about right now.

I got a new computer this last week and have been happily working away taking photos of new shoes and such. Of course, it's not actually brand new but it is WAY fancier then my old one and I couldn't be more pleased with it's lilly whiteness. Oh, how I love craigslist.

Tomorrow morning my friend, Amanda, is coming over and we will embark on a very new and exciting project. It's top secret right now but as soon as we have our first sample made, I will spill the beans!

Okay, here's a hint:
It involves vintage fabrics... aren't you shocked?!

AV is making me a grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwich even as I type this.
Okay, it's ready. Love you, bye.


Malandro said...
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Michelle said...

Oooh! I love the shoes, especially pair #1! I'll make sure to stay tuned...I wanna see what you got in store for everyone! :-)

queenbeehoney said...

Boots! Boots! Your new computer is certainly inspiring you. But there need to be little squirrels peeking out of the tops!

And unlike you California Girls, the Ohio girls are freezing their bippies off over here. There is nothing I'd like better than a visit ~ we so miss our San Francisco treks.... the coffee shops, the food, the friends...

So, vintage fabric? Sounds very fun and I can hardly wait to see what you sneaky girls are up to! Night just fell here like a ton of bricks.