Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Rain is Here. Finally.

Okay, I am finally ready to stop showing off about the gorgeous weather here and I have joined the rest of the world scampering around in my wool socks this morning and gazing out the window at the raindrops. It's really quite nice.

AV especially loves this time of year. He has a whole laundry list of things to laugh at/with me about. My slippers, my red cashmere robe, my "hippie" scarf... I'm a walking giggle a minute!

A couple years ago my friend, Suzanne, gave me an incredibly warm pair of boots. I think they are originally from Russia and are made of very thick grey felted wool. They are sort of like huge stiff knee-socks and I have to admit they are look just this side of ridiculous, but in the winter, I freakin' love them. Sliding into them after a warm bath and padding to the kitchen to heat up some soup or make a pot of tea is what I dream about all summer. And it's finally here!

We are both suffering from various cold weather ills on this first day of rain so we went out for Vietnamese chicken soup (pho ga) and then to the Numi Tea Garden where we picked out a bunch of loose leaf tea to try. Now we are back home sip, sip sipping away. Much better.

Hope you are all toasty and warm! Let me know if you need any hankies. I've got a ton just waiting to catch a drip or two!


Heather said...

Scamper! Scamper! That means you are a scamp! Scamper on over here, wouldja?

rachel said...

you would not believe the scampering that has been going on in our house... we are not letting a little weather put a damper on our fun!


queenbeehoney said...

Yes, I'm sure you two would scamper away if you were together ~ like a little herd of rats, chattering away like a pack of starlings!

You look like Big Foot in those big hairy things, Miss Rachel. No wonder AV is tickled. They just do not look like the sort of thing you would normally wear.

I am mending like crazy with my fine new needles. They are wonderful and I thank you so much. Plus every time I get in my sewing basket to use one, I get to read your letter again!

Stay warm over there with lots of cuddling!