Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love Kid Pictures...

Yes, it's Barak Obama and his ma, but check out her dress. I think I had the exact one in the mid 90's but I chopped it off to "butt length" and wore it with Doc Martin 8 holes.

I still hoard those 60's floral dresses with a zillion pleats, but I wear them at their original knee-length these days.

Isn't it adorable that in Hawaii almost everyone is wearing floral print for their 5th grade class picture. I had always thought it was just made into clothes that tourists would take back home to the mainland so they had something to wear at bbqs.

I have a photo sort of like this from second grade where the class picture was taken on the same day as the Girl Scout meeting and all us girls are wearing our Brownie uniforms. Too cute. And I think that Heather has one like that too. Or was she the only little girl in her Brownie outfit?

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